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Using The Power Of Leverage to help you Make Money

Wealth means freedom, and to make wealth is through grace, NOB creates a platform to empower you financially and help you stop getting broke through our people-helping-people Network. We have created a solid network Marketing structure for everyone, irrespective of age, financial position, gender or educational level. Anyone can Make Money with us and also get empowered with the right skills to excel among peers.

First and foremost, NOB7 --- referred to as 'NOB7' for short --- is a personal success resource program for Life Refining and Self Improvement. We offer a Life Refining and Life changing Product.--- POWERFUL 28minute Audio on REFINING YOUR LIFE and 28 Videos on Practical Web Designing (Be a website Designer in 30 minutes).  because it is our aim to help people make dramatic positive life change one day at a time if it is their desire to ultimately attain the millionaire lifestyle of their dreams. When you Become a member of NOB7 You have access to our Digital Product free and also have access to our networking Platform to Make Millions.

Why the choice of NOB as the name?

There are three distinct parts: 'N' stands for 'Nigeria' as targeted to Nigeria, . The 'O' stands for 'Online' as we aim to help people use the power of the Internet to Network and Make Money. The 'B'  stands for BUSINESS.

NOB Business Packages

Three (3) Financial home business success systems implemented by the NigeriaOnlineBusiness are NOB7, NOBFAST, NOBSALARY

What is NOB7

NOB7 is the first Business of NOB PLATFORM, It is an Infinity X 7 matrix plan where you can have unlimited direct referrers/downlines and get paid to the 7th level from all of your direct downlines. The Good thing is, If you can only have 7 direct downlines on NOB7 package and each of them bring 7 bring also up to the 7th level, the 7th completed level would have earned you over N123,000,000 (One hundred and twenty three million naira), The structure of NOB7 is simple enough for everyone to understand and be successful while being actively promoting their network and helping their downlines by providing tips and supports. Membership fee of NOB7 plan is a one time N2000. You will earn N1000 from every of your direct downlines/referrer, starting from the first person that register under you and you will also get paid from the people they bring up to the 7th level. Below is the Payplan of NOB7 Plan if you only bring 7 people. You can also click here to download the Graphic Payplan of NOB7 PLAN

Don't forget, no amount is too big to earn with this Package, since your direct downlines is infinity. If you earn N123,000,000 for bringing 7 active people who bring 7 each up to the 7th level, how much would you earn if you bring 20 direct people who are very active and also bring 20 to the 7th level, You will surely become a millionaire. The secret of network Marketing is to Have active people under you, and when you have a new member under you, follow the member up daily and help them become active, by so doing, you are helping yourself indirectly.


The desire to Make Money is rising everyday, while making money fast is even more desired, we created NOB FAST, a simple 2x2 matrix paying method, that gives you quick commissions and payout. On this package, you bring only 2 that will bring 2 each and the level is completed. Membership cost a one-time N5000 and your commission is very flexible. 1% over your first and second leg and a wow 80% earning from your indirect downline. This is the true my referrer work for me system since you are getting paid N4000 from each of your referer's downlines. See below the Tabled payplan of NOB FAST or click here to download.

You can re-enter again and make another N16,100, this is over 300% return and since this is not a fixed matrix you can sponsor more than 2 people and earn 80% from all your second level referrer.


The NOB salary create opportunity to pay you salary, you make money every month for life as long as your network remain active. The NOB7 salary is designed on a matrix of 5x4, you will create a salary for yourself for life by sponsoring 5 people and 5 will also sponsor 5, up to the 4th level, The NOB SALARY cost a monthly membership fee of N2000, this gives you a position on the NOBSALARY and earn you money every month. On the NOB SALARY Platform withdrawal of all your commission takes place once in a month. we have fixed 28th of every month to send you your SALARY on the NOB SALARY Package. At worst, NOB salary is designed to earn you N157,500 Monthly salary if you can only bring 5 people that will also bring 5 people up to the 4th level with the commitment of N2000 Monthly membership fee. The NOBSALARY is good for Salary earners looking for a way to double income. Since you can have more than 5 direct downlines on the nobsalary, you can make hundreds of thousands every month. Find below The table that show your earnings on each level. Click here to download the NOB SALARY Pay Plan
NOB SALARY pay plan

NOTE: Withdrawal on NOB SALARY takes place once in a month on every 28th of each calendar month. Also make sure you are paying your membership fee before the withdrawal day to qualify for payment.

The Nigeria Online Business Opportunities is for everyone , you can choose one of our business platform or Join all the three, this ensure you have your financial freedom this year and the year to come. All NOB Packages are flexible, they are not fixed, you can bring more than 7 people on NOB7, you can bring more than 5 people on NOB SALARY and you can bring more than 2 direct downlines on NOBFAST, so start now and start Making money

For Question and Enquiry please send email to { support@nob7platform.com } Or Speak with an NOB7 rep near you Click here to see Agent Listing

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wHY uS?

  • Quick Support
  • Trainings and Discussion Forum
  • Quick Payout
  • Unlimited Membership width
  • No Selling - No continuos Purchase
  • One-Time Membership Payment
  • Little Mmebership fee only N2000
  • Up to N123,000,000 Level Earnings
  • Marketing Tools Provided and lot more..

What members Say about us:

NOB7 has helped me to realise that Dependency or Insufficiency is a Boundage. I remain a dependent lady to my parents after graduation. Even to buy ordinary recharge cards, I must open my mum's purse. But now NOB7 has changed my life from ZERO NAIRA earner to at LEAST N25,000 per week earner. With NOB7 platform everyone is welcome. Without Doubt. .
Adebare Victoria Omosalewa
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