If Funke or Maryam Behaves to You in at least 2 of these 10 ways, she needs your Anaconda

Nigeria Online Business has been creating awareness about different business opportunities but this weekend, we want to refresh our readers with some relationship posts. As oyinbo people yarn, “all work without play makes jack a dull boy.” 

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When it comes to the issue of women, some Nigerians guys are clueless.  In fact, their cluelessness is like Zeeworld, “extraordinary every day.” No be yabbing o! If you’re one of the confused bros, pull a seat and let’s do a quick one on this topic. 

Left to men, it is better to just bluntly say “I came to your house for some action.” Instead, women would be giving the colours of the rainbow in the name of green light. Anyway, here are the top 10 ways women behave when they need the special ministration of your third leg.

1. She continually emphasizes her stay before coming: You would hear something like “Hope if I come, you won’t touch me” or “hope you will be a good boy”. All na wash! She’s just trying to subtly plant the thoughts in your mind. Reverse psychology. Once she starts saying that light-heartedly, guy, start preparing your mind for oil exploration. *winks

2. She takes advantage of the weather: When she arrives, and she complains of feeling cold and wants you to hold her to generate warmth, that is your green light! Wasn’t she feeling cold before she left home? Or she may tell you it’s hot and start removing her clothes because of heat, yet your fan/AC is on. Bros, no dull yourself o! 

3. She wants you to lock your door: Often, she would find a reason for you to lock it like “I just want to spend time with you without distractions.” Guy, what does she want to discuss without interruptions in your room? How to save Nigeria’s economy? It’s a coded statement jare.

4. She starts preening: What this point means is that she would start adjusting her clothes in your presence. No be say anything do her cloth or but she’s adjusting it. You know why? She’s trying to draw your attention to her body and her assets. So she will start adjusting her skirt so you will take notice of her legs or adjust her necklace or top so you can have a better view of those twin mountains

5. She finds an excuse to touch you: When she is hot, that’s when you’d start getting all manner of compliments like, “aww, your face looks cute” just to touch your face or “are you working out? These muscles are attractive” just to caress your hands. Na still part of signal o!

6. She begins to “look for your trouble”: Not in a serious way though. She would pick something that is yours and insist that she’s not going to give you back. You know why? So you would drag it with her for some minutes. She’s in the mood and she knows that’s one of the ways you both can innocently touch yourself. All na women sense! What you do next is up to you. 

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7. She tells you she doesn’t like men that kiss and tell: Or she would ask you if you can keep a secret. You should expect this point the more if she has a reputation to protect. No even think am say she’s looking for a friend o! She just wants you to confirm that she can be loose with you. You better pass this test!

8. She tells you she’s bored: Abeg, when she left the house, she didn’t visit the amusement park. Why would she now be telling you that she’s bored? Are you a clown she expects to perform? Don’t be a JJC; she wants you to stop showing her albums or TV programs/movies and play the naughty mummy and daddy game. Action time!

9. She keeps announcing that she’s leaving: She be like, “I have 20 minutes to leave.” If you still didn’t decode, she may not go anywhere after that time. If you ask her, she’d say, “I have not received the call I’m waiting for to leave.” Yet she keeps checking time and telling you she will soon be going. It’s a warning for you to start something immediately.

10. She dresses provocatively: This point no need long gist. When she comes dressing provocatively than usual, she is preparing you for some serious action. But when you deal with a conservative girl, she would find a veil or jacket to conceal it until she arrives your place and removes it. Na that time you go understand why Falz say good girls don join bad gang.

Oya, drop your comments.

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