3 Online Business That Can Boost Your Monthly Income

Over the past few days, I have tried so hard to motivate those that needed the extra push to wake up from their slumber and make money on the internet. Several people have responded to the calls and have decided to take the bull by the horn. This post will show you businesses that will make you money within 6 months.


5 Types of Friends that Would Ruin Your Finances - Avoid Them!!!

You may or may not have realized it yet, but the people you surround yourself with maybe subtly shaping the decisions you make with your money, and unfortunately, the outcome is often less favourable.

I showed two friends this material that I use to make money online, one wanted to buy, and the other friend convinced him not to, claiming that it was a scam. A few months later, the one who discouraged the other came back and bought. He started making money, and that was how the other missed out.

There are friends you shouldn't keep; these kinda friends are gonna ruin you, and you won't even know. I will list them out so that you can verify if you have such friends around you.


4 Reasons You Should Start a Side Hustle as a Working Class Nigerian

Are you still looking for reasons to start a side hustle? I hope this post would convince you to take action. In my last post, I listed the high paying side hustles that are best for working class people and unemployed graduates.

Why am I confident about me not going broke or crying over money? “My Side Hustle!!!”

I don’t have just one or two, there are so many of them and I am looking forward to acquiring more skills that would increase my knowledge base.

What message am I trying to pass?


Top 3 Reasons People Go Broke Before Month End - How to Avoid it

Why do people who make a decent earning go broke? Why do people work so hard and yet come down to nothing just a few days after the months pay? Here are a few reasons and how to reverse this trend for yourself starting today.


3 Ways to Identify a Profitable Business and Maximize Profit

If you are going to get involved in internet marketing, finding a profitable business is going to be extremely important. Essentially a business market refers to a group of people that are looking for a solution to a specific problem, and a profitable market will be a group that is having problems finding relevant solutions to their problem. I will show you how I started one of my profitable businesses

The entire purpose of internet marketing is to find a certain group that has a problem or need, then creating a service or product to cater to that need. Of course, while it sounds easy, finding a profitable business isn't quite as easy as it may sound. So, here are some great tips to help you identify a profitable business that will work for your own internet marketing business.

Start By Picking a Business You're Interested In

In order to identify a profitable business, the first thing you need to do is to pick out an idea that you're really interested in. If you are not interested in the business you choose, you probably won't stick to it. Come up with a good list of some of your hobbies, interests, ideas you have knowledge on, or some of your passions. Have a list of about five different things to start out with.

Research Those Interests

Once you have your lists of ideas you are interested in, then you need to research the interests that you have. Research all of the ideas you have on your list to see if there is a business that is unsaturated and one that is profitable having to do with that idea. While you may really have one thing on the list that is your favourite, make sure that you research all of those ideas so you know where you can find the best possible business for profit. Sometimes that may be the number one idea on your list, but you may find that idea number three has more potential. This is why you should research each interest so you get a look at all the options that are available to you.

Look for Statistics

You have to check out how many people are already into the business, and how many of them are successful. If you have a clear figure that the market is a promising one, then you can go straight into it.
Having a look at statistics would help you determine if the market is a profitable one or not. It would also help you know how to focus and explore the market properly.

With these steps to guide you, you can find a profitable business. It will take a bit of work on your part, but as long as you follow these steps, you'll be able to identify a profitable business that you can get involved in for long-term profit and success.

Rules to Maximize your Profitable Business Idea

1. Do not set up a business until you have clear-cut vision framed around on definite purpose

2. Do not start a business you do not possess the basic skill or talent to operate

3. Do not enter into a business with a mindset of trial and error. Be in business for the real mission of your life.

4. Do not enter into a business base on other people experience and conviction.

5. Do not enter into a business if its market business is already saturated.

Finally, the unvarnished truth so far is that you must gain priceless insight into what your market audience really need and want to be very successful and be in the money.

If you need a profitable business that pays well, you can check out my recommendation.


Common Lies About Working From Home as a Nigerian

Have you ever heard so many lies from people who work online? I will list out a few of them now for you, and this will enable new people who are coming into the world of online business to have an idea of any online business they wish to start.

A lot of people who wants to start making money online thinks it is all bed of roses. But this post would enlighten you, so you don't make any mistake or have heightened impression about making money on the internet. After I discovered an online business that pays, I started monitoring some myths.

What are the common myths about Working from Home?

Myth #1: It's easier than working at an office

Yes, it does get easier in terms of far less distractions and being able to take much more relaxing and fun breaks whenever you want. But those perks are dwarfed by how big of a challenge maintaining self-discipline and keeping yourself accountable actually is.

With nobody being there and watching you, you're going to have to resist the urges to take breaks all day long. So before you decide you want to work from home, decide whether you have enough self-discipline to pull it off.

Solution: Self-discipline is exactly like muscles. You build it gradually over time. The moment you stop practising it, you actually fall behind. Become a hardcore devotee of self-discipline. This is powerful and once you do manage to improve this critical life skill, it'll immediately translate into all the other aspects of your life.

Myth #2: It's better for your work-life balance

This one actually might be true in some cases, but often it is not. Especially if you are/want to become a freelancer or you want to start your own business.

When you work a 9-5 in an office, your job usually stays at the office. When you leave at 5, you can relax now that your work is over. Upon arriving home, you change the environment and you change your state of mind.

But when your home is your workplace, this distinction is no longer there. Your mind starts associating particular areas and items at your home with work.

What this can often lead to is your life and work mixing together. Since now you're at your home office most of the time, you have that ability to shift your work past 5 PM or whatever the finishing time you've intended. It's very easy to end up having your work pile up at the end of the day because you've taken that extra long lunch break or went to the gym in the middle of the day.

Solution: Learn where and when to draw the line between life and work. The ability to draw the line between work and play will allow you to be more effective at work and enjoy your time off more thoroughly.

Myth #3: There are too many distractions at home (so it's difficult to work efficiently)

While offices are often notorious for distractions like phone calls, people interrupting you in every possible way, unnecessary meetings and others, working from home comes with its own set of other distractions.

Think kids, pets, family members, and household chores piling up. There's almost always an errand to run, some stuff to fix around the house, or a garage to re-organize. It's very easy to ignore your job when your house is messy.

'I'll get back to work. Right after I make the kitchen perfectly organized'.

Solution: This goes back to Myth #1 and working on your self-discipline. If you can also tame your perfectionist's incentives and focus on simply getting the work done at the cost of your home not being thoroughly organized, you'll be golden.

Myth #4: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want

Depending on your type of job, your schedule will become more flexible. To some extent. You will still most likely be required to work certain hours - this way your boss and your colleagues know when they can contact you.

You'll most likely have to interact with some customers too. Unless they're in a different time zone, you'll want to contact them during the usual daily business hours.

Solution: Don't let your midday periods off-work affect your responsibilities. Become a proactive and avid scheduler and plan in advance to make up for any time off work during business hours.

Myth #5: You'll miss out on networking

There usually isn't a busy watercooler at your home, and even if there is one, none of your colleagues would be swarming around it.

But so what? It's not the '90s anymore. Face-to-face networking is becoming less and less important and people are increasingly more active on social media.

Heck, there's a separate social media service for everybody's needs now. Facebook - for family, classmates and general purposes; LinkedIn - for your professional network; and Instagram - for anyone interested in snippets about your life. As well as Twitter - for keeping up-to-date with all the buzz in your industry and social circles. The list goes on and on.

Fill out your LinkedIn profile. Start a blog, either a personal one or on some specific topic. You probably already have a personal brand on the Internet whether you want it or not. Develop it consciously. Follow people you like, get introduced to friends of friends. You'll be surprised how small the world nowadays is.

Myth #6: Since you'll be home, you won't need childcare

Sounds like the most natural consequence, right? Wrong.

Yes, you'll be closer to your kids, but you're still going to be working. And it'll be much harder to be completely distraction-free in this regard. You'll probably be trying hard to get focused and get a good deal of work done while your kid will be crying for attention.

Life shows that most successful people who do end up working from home 9 times out of 10 spend money on childcare anyway (or have some family member take care of their kids).


Working from home certainly isn't for everyone, but most people could certainly do better while working from home by realizing some common pitfalls and learning how to overcome them. Much of the problem solving described here really boils down to one's organization skills and having a robust system to keep track of all the to-dos.

 If you need an Online Business that pays, you can check out this page for more Ideas.


Tips and Tricks to Earn on Fiverr as a Nigerian

What would you do for just $5? Well, there are plenty of people across the web (and the rest of the world) who are perfectly willing to do practically anything for $5. That's thanks to a site known as Fiverr.


Great Lessons About Money That Would Help Your Finances

Over my few years of making money from the internet, I have discovered so many things about money. When it comes to being rich, I have monitored the lifestyle, thinking pattern, and business moves of the rich, and I have a lot to write about. When it comes to the issue of money, people become so emotional not to lose the smallest amount of money in their pocket. I remember starting out newly as an Online Businessperson, and so many people were scared of me.


3 Money-Spinning Business Opportunities Overlooked By Many Nigerians

Do you know how many business opportunities have been overlooked in Nigeria? Or are you interested in the easy and Easy ways to make money in Nigeria fast this 2018? Make sure you read for details, and you must buy me a beer after reading. To make money fast in Nigeria is only for those with the right information.

The business ideas I am going to share doesn’t require any capital before you make money in Nigeria fast. I remember when I was broke and thought of what to do to make money as fast as I could. It only took me 4 hours before I made a total sum of 20k. I became consistent, and within a week, I had over 200k in my account.

How I was able to conceive such thoughts remains a mystery to me. I won’t be stingy with ideas; I will make sure you know the proven methods to make money fast in Nigeria without capital.
After reading this, you wouldn’t need to ask the question “What are the simple business opportunities in Nigeria” again.

If you are ready to sit up and work, I will show you how you can make a goldmine by doing things only a few people know about. One of the examples I gave was when I talked about “how I made my first million trading bitcoins”, it was one of the ways to make money without stress, just that the bitcoin market is crashing already. So it is no longer profitable if you are entering at this time.

What are the cool business opportunities being neglected?

Let us look at the business opportunities most people neglect in Nigeria fast, after which I would add up my own secret method too.

Real Estate Sales

Haven’t you heard? The lowest commission you receive for any successful sales is up to Five Hundred Thousand Naira (500,000). The good news is that you don’t need to do any hard job to get that money.

All you need to do is just know any client that is interested in getting real estate, and you have the cash once the deal is secured.

Is it as simple as that?

Yes, the only hard work is to source for the client, there are people that would make them buy already. So you don’t need to spend so much time on one client.

These are the steps to make money fast in Nigeria as a real estate agent;

  • Find any real estate agency
  • Apply to become an agent – in most cases, you are given a temporary ID card to enable clients’ trust you better.
  • Source for clients
  • Refer the clients to the parent company
  •  Earn your commission once the sale is established.

There are several Real Estate Firms in Nigeria like; Adron homes,, Peal homes, etc. All it takes is a little Google search to get more names within your locality.

N.B: I can help refer you to a trustworthy estate agent that would help you make money fast as a real estate agent.

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you are earning commission for selling someone else’s products. You might need to make an initial investment and buy a basic portfolio and marketing materials that you then resell. Affiliate marketing is highly lucrative if you have the resources and guidance to start.

However, that does not always have to be the case as there are companies which will provide you with products free of charge, and only take a part of the profit.

You can, therefore, use affiliate marketing to turn your blog into a business.

I personally recommend that you promote products and services that you actually use.
If you want to learn the in’s and out’s of Affiliate Marketing, you can visit this page and start making money fast with Affiliate Marketing.

Become an OEM Reseller/Agent

This is one of the ways to make money in Nigeria fast without any start-up capital. Once you become an OEM reseller, you have the ability to make money fast.

An OEM simply means Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are several OEM’s in Nigeria, and they are looking for resellers to help push their sales.

One of the difficulties in becoming an OEM reseller is that you might not get accepted without the right structure. The right structure means having a Company’s name and other structures a company should have.

The secrets to getting accepted are;

  •      Identify the OEM you wish to market for – Oracle, Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft, etc.
  •      Look for any of their already existing partners or distributors like DatagroupIT.
  •       Setup a meeting and inform them of your willingness to become their partner
  •      They would guide you on the steps to take.


If you already have a friend who owns a business name, you can use it to press for a partnership. You just need to contact the account managers of the OEMs and pitch to them the value you are bringing to the table.

OEMs manufacture several things ranging from Software to Hardware. All you need do is to
  •         Identify those who might be interested in buying their software or hardware
  •        Convince the company to buy
  •       Sell at a higher price
  •       Deliver the normal rate to the OEM and make way for your huge profit.

Making money in Nigeria is 90% creativity and 10% Hard work. The secret remains that you must start something. I teach you my own business model in Affiliate Marketing if you wish. Till we meet again, let’s keep hustling.


6 Money Myths That Has Left So Many Nigerians Broke

From a tender age, we were exposed to myths about money and myths of being rich. Be it from our parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, or friends. The myths that we have determined our financial well-being in our adult lives.


Simple Jobs You can Do and Make Money on Fiverr

Freelancing jobs on Fiverr can be divided into three according to the owner of Hustle Nigeria.

1) Professional Jobs

2) Lazy Jobs

3) Mad-People Jobs.

Most of us don't have the professional skills, so we will focus on the Lazy jobs and Mad-people jobs. But you should know that no matter the gig you offer on Fiverr, you will still make your money at the end of the month.

I will give out examples of the following categories of jobs you can do on Fiverr;


How to Start Information Selling Business in Nigeria

Information products are wonderful items to sell online. They can be stored on a single server, as opposed to the vast cavernous warehouses that large quantities of physical products require. They can also be instantly duplicated, allowing them to be resold an unlimited number of times, without any loss of quality.

It is just another way to make money like I always do with affiliate marketing.


10 Ways to Become Rich Fast in Nigeria

I wouldn't bore you with so much introduction here. I officially welcome you to Nigeria, and I am willing to help you become rich. This is Nigeria, and anything can happen. There are one thousand and one ways to become rich in Nigeria, but I will be focusing on just 10. Whichever part you decide to follow, good luck to you.

These are the 10 ways to get Rich in Nigeria


Cheap Online Businesses in Nigeria you can Start Today

Most Nigerians are practically looking for online business ideas in Nigeria, and it can be overwhelming. It is obvious that top online business ideas are difficult to come by.
The real challenge, though, is to find out which opportunities are specific to your area of expertise or knowledge.


How to Make $50 Per Week Selling Other People's Products

If it is your desire to learn how to make $50 a week from home, affiliate marketing is a good online business to start with. From this article, you will discover top affiliate marketing secrets which the gurus are not willing to share publicly. Come to think of it, the main idea behind making money on the internet is to share valuable information with people. So, I am going to expose you to simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing and possibly get out of debt or quit your day job sooner or later.