Things to Consider Before You Choose an Online Business Model

The first thing many people do when presented with business opportunities to make a choice is to make their decision based on how much income it rakes in. No doubt, profitability is an important factor in deciding the type of business to run. However, there are other factors that are just as important as profitability and can play a huge role in your long term success in the business.

5 Horrible Advices You Should Never Accept About Money

When it comes to matters requiring an advice, almost everybody becomes a counsellor. Opinions are so cheap that everybody has one. The remarkable thing is that you don’t even need to solicit for advice; people will always give it to you without your request, free of charge.


Tired of Being Broke? See an Opportunity Many Nigerians Have Overlooked

While some Nigerians are broke, truckloads of money flow annually into the account of other Nigerians. 

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, the inflow of money into Nigeria stood at $19 billion dollars. This amounts to trillions of naira.


7 Digital Side Hustles That Can Fetch You Insane Income

No matter how much you may earn; it is never enough. This explains why even billionaires still go to work every day and make huge investments despite the fact that their financial life is secured. In this article, you will discover digital side hustles than can make your bank account swell if you adopt and work on any of the below. 

1. Blogging

While a lot of people will often criticize those who go into blogging for the sake of money, we think the opinion is lame. First of all, if you treat blogging as a hobby, it means you give it the little attention and time you can spare. Don’t expect to have the same results as someone who is dedicated to it.

Second, blogging in itself has become a business. As common with all businesses, profit is key. Your idea of profit may vary but it will often share a common denominator which is to earn money. 

Can you earn via blogging? An emphatic yes! There are quite a number of things you need to know which cannot be adequately explained in this article. You can, however, find helpful information in the other blog posts or materials needed online.

2. Cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts liken the opportunity to blood money. You can make insane profit returns from your investment because the market is free from manipulations that is common with fiat money.

However, what makes cryptocurrency profitable also makes it risky. All cryptocurrencies will not always be on green. Smart investors now diversify their portfolio such that if a coin is failing, another crypto investment is covering up for the loss. That way, they continually make profit or cut down their losses.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must study how it works and be abreast of new coins that are coming to the market. As usual, always study before you invest. 

3. Kindle Direct Publishing

What is it that makes publishing a book online a great side hustle? It’s the fact that once you work hard at it the first time, you don’t have to rework the book anymore. It’s a kind of hustle where you receive payment again and again for efforts you did once and for all.

Kindle Direct Publishing is the publishing arm of Amazon where anyone can write and sell their books provided it is plagiarism free. There’ also Create Space which can publish your hard copy books and sell in foreign countries. It soars your potential of earning more. 

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Once again, it’s important to understand a business properly. So if you like this kind of business, first devote some of your time to getting all the information you need to succeed at it. 

4. Domain Flipping

To begin with, what is flipping? It means to buy something at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. With this definition, it is easy to understand that domain flipping is all about buying domain names to sell at a profit. 

A domain name is an address on the internet that directs someone to a website.  The most popular marketplace for domain flipping is Flippa. Thousands of buyers and sellers of domain names use the website every day. That is a good place to begin your domain flipping hustle.

You must remember not to buy long domain names. The shorter the domain name, the higher your chances of selling. Also look out for domain names that can be a brand. If you love this idea of passive income, you should look up more information on the net.

5. Information marketing

Information marketing is all about gathering information, sifting out what is irrelevant and organizing what’s relevant to offer at a price to those who need the information. 

Information marketing has a wide variety of niches. Take for instance the much anticipated JAMB among secondary school leavers is an avenue for information marketers to earn. How? They package Jamb software which is aimed at helping students by providing them with questions and answers with the same JAMB experience. Of course, this service comes with a fee. 

If you are interested in this side hustle, you can begin by looking at niches where there’s demand for information and look for how you can meet the demand.

6. Freelance

Freelance is one of the favourite side hustle for many people. The reason is that it affords them the flexibility of working at any time of the day. This way, it doesn’t clash with their academics or full-time jobs.

If you’re looking for the best platform to earn a side-hustle income, Fiverr is your best bet.
While Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces, it’s easier for a freelancer to thrive on this platform than other platforms. If you are looking for information to help you earn on Fiverr, you can check out this page to get firsthand working information. 

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7. Affiliate Marketing

There are few digital side hustles that are as lucrative as Affiliate Marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is so simple that even a 10 year old can understand it.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is all about recommending products to people online through which you get commission whenever anyone makes a purchase through your referral link. You may not understand how lucrative this side hustle idea is till you take into consideration that hundreds of people can view each recommendation you put online.

While many people are content with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria, there are more profitable affiliate marketing programs overseas that can you via check, bank transfer or even payoneer card. The exchange rate is definitely a plus. 

If you will like to learn how to start earning, get all the information here.

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I joined Fiverr in September 2015 and I have since earned more than 6 million naira from the platform. 

I always thought making money online was a joke and that people were wasting their time on the platform. My mindset was further hardened when I learnt that every delivery equals $5 on the marketplace. A paltry $5!


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One of the greatest problems confronting governments around the world is that of unemployment. It has been the sole reason why an administration was voted out and why another was elected. Needless to say, one of the shiny promises of the present regime in government during the election period was that it would create 3 million jobs. The Donald Trump’s administration considers lower rate of employment as one of its greatest successes. 


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The doubts surrounding the reality of making money online is gradually waning in the country. However, the level of doubt for the various models of earning online varies.

Can Freelance Be The Answer To The Prayers Of Unemployed Nigerians?

What do you do when you have skills it took you time, efforts and money to acquire but no organization wants to hire you because the economy is bad or they already have enough staff on their payroll? The answer is pretty straightforward – freelance. The concept of freelance has been used in many developed countries and has successfully curbed unemployment issues to a fairly large extent.


5 Top Mistakes Freelancers Make and How to Avoid Them

Being a freelancer offers lots of freedom and independence that’s impossible to have in a typical office environment. Many freelancers tend to get lost in this freedom that they fail to realize they are making some mistakes. These mistakes mitigate their effectiveness and ultimately make them earn far lesser than they could.

If you’re are a freelancer, chances are that you’re already making some of these mistakes. Very few freelancers get to realize these mistakes and fix them on their own. If you’re an aspiring freelancer, you can avoid these mistakes that are rife in the freelance world.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at these mistakes.


1. Know your worth

Many freelancers determine their worth based on the default price range of the freelance platform. Others let the client decide for them. This is wrong on many levels because you may never really earn as you should if you don’t take a stand in determining the pricing of your skills and time. 

While some clients know how much their projects should cost, some just don’t know. Either way, both categories would always want to get the lowest budget possible. However, there’s another category that doesn’t care how much the project costs them; they just want huge value for the budget.

Nevertheless, you need to determine your worth. You must ensure you don’t undervalue your skills neither do you place a price tag on them that is way beyond the value you can offer your clients. To help you determine your worth, you need to ask questions like:

  • ·         Did you go to school or took a course to learn the skills you’re offering?
  • ·         How much years of experience do you have on the job?
  • ·         How updated are you as regards the latest trends towards a better service delivery?
  • ·         Are you skills highly sought after?
  • ·         How professional are you? Etc.

These are just a few questions to guide you while you ascertain your worth. 

2. Know when to shut up

The need to earn more makes a lot of freelancers commit severe blunders. Often times, the red flags were visible that the project may not end well, but they ignored it. Was it carelessness or desperation?
When relating with clients, you need to know when it’s pointless pushing if further. For instance, a client who is getting too familiar should be carefully observed. Or did you notice that the client was grumpy and complaining while giving you a brief of the project? It could be a bad omen.


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Sometimes, you don’t need to shut up because of the client; you need to shut up because of you. Most clients are business people who have a target and deadlines to meet. It therefore doesn’t make sense to delay their projects when you’re swamped with orders and you know you can’t deliver within the required time. Doing a shoddy job will not only make you lose a client forever, it also means you get a bad review or even forfeit the budget to the client for poor delivery.

To add under this point, you don’t need to tell the client all about yourself. Learn to be discreet and know what to divulge.

3. Know when to stop

Freelance can be quite demanding and time consuming. Your clientele is increasing and the rate of the orders is coming in a bit too quickly. Your business is booming but you’re also getting pressed from all sides. Does this sound familiar?

Freelance is awesome and gives you the privilege to earn as much as the hours you put in. However, you need to learn to take a break. Don’t get so consumed in your business not to notice that your health is not getting proper attention. 

Quite a number of freelancers have broken down at various points and were forced to take a lengthy leave from the online business. Except you have a routine that gives you time to exercise and have some “me-time”, a break is too important to your health for you to ignore.

Furthermore, you need to also learn to give time to your social life. Don’t forget your friends, remember your family and take that break! Doing so will make you alive to each day and enhance your effectiveness.

4. Know the importance of branding

Freelance is moving beyond the sphere of just having skills to the stage of building a brand. Branding in business is crucial that global companies pump millions of dollars every year to create or sustain their brand. Many times, the difference between a small company is not in the quality of products but in the branding. 

It’s not too different when it comes to freelance. You need to create a brand rather than just focus your energy on trying to earn. This will make you take several steps towards influencing the way clients perceive you in the market. It will alter the level of professionalism and communication you need to exhibit.

The concept of branding in freelance is crucial and is quite extensive. For this reason, we will be putting up a post soon about branding in freelancing.

5. Know your job better than anyone else

This mistake seems self-explanatory. Too many times, many freelancers are content with the way they are because they are earning. All that counts to them is that the Benjamins are coming in. However, they fail to take into cognizance that skills get obsolete easily if not updated. 

While you try to earn as much as you can, always remember to invest in yourself. If you really want to be at the top of your game, we recommend that you set aside 5 percent of your income to get updated in your field. It would pay off in the long term.

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However, if you’re an aspiring freelancer, you need to get the right knowledge to succeed. Freelance on all platforms is getting tough and the times of “stumbling into freelance” are long gone. To succeed, be prepared to learn as much as you can so you can have a great beginning.

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